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About Us

Netgenii Technology Limited, previously known as “Xcreate Company Limited” is one of the most creative multi-media producers and game developers in the past 15 years. Netgenii has built its reputation on software development and ability to bring on business opportunities for her business partners. Therefore Netgenii is your first choice partner in your business.

Netgenii offers a secure and robust environment with reliable infrastructure for client’s dedicated server. We wholly understand that timely technical support is vital to our clients, we provide full set of useful and reliable system solutions to best fit client’s need.

In view of the fast development of Internet as a communication medium and the applications services it has brought about, the multiplex academic electronic database substitutes the traditional board books.

Netgenii Technology Limited, by working as a business agent of electronic academics and producers of global educational products, focuses on the introduction, development, production and distribution of educational and other child related software products. Our expertise includes online education, school education, home education, animation and network educational games.

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