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  • “死神潘朵拉” is a comic book cooperated with The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong in 2010. It encourages youngsters who have drug dependence to quit drugs.
  • “The Ravage of Time” is one of the popular comics which is published by Tong Li Publishing Group (the biggest comics publisher in Taiwan). We cooperate with them to develop, produce and publish the card game in Hong Kong and China. Our marketing team has lined up Fairwood Holdings Limited (a popular fast food chain in Hong Kong) to sponsor the card game league. The league has lasted for half a year with over hundreds of competitions held in different Fairwood outlets.
  • "今日工程 明日繁榮"is a comic book cooperated with the Financial Secretary's Office of HKSAR. It encourages young people to express their views about the Hong Kong Budget for the fiscal year of 2010 – 2011.
  • “Gen-Y Cops” is a film produced by Media Asia (one of the film production houses in Hong Kong). In this project Netgenii helps Media Asia and Jolly Shandy (a soft drink manufacturer) in the brand building exercise of the soft drink and organizing a league based tournament on this game.